Can I call your house my home?

Most children who enter foster care will eventually be reunited with their families. Some will be placed with relatives. Thousands of children, however, will find themselves in permanent state custody and waiting for an adoptive family. These children desperately need the love, stability and commitment of an adoptive family. The greatest need is for families who will adopt older, school age children and sibling groups.

Will you heed the call?

There is an epidemic of child abuse and neglect in America. More than 600,000 children are confirmed victims of child abuse or neglect every year in the U.S. Four children die every day from child abuse and neglect. Seventy percent (70%) are under age three. In Georgia, 200 incidents of child abuse and neglect are reported daily. In 2014, 99 children in this state died from abuse and neglect. In FY 2016 – 19,466 children came through the Georgia foster care system. (

The number of children entering foster care far outweighs the number of available foster homes. On any given day, there are up to 10 times as many children in foster care as there are approved foster homes. Many children are placed in group homes or in foster homes far from the only family and community they know.

Will you heed the call to become a foster parent to a child in crisis?

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